Protezione mab v2.oc Motoairbag

Marca: Motoairbag
Genere: unisex
Reparto: strada
Codice: D4022L
€ 699,00
Prodotto esaurito

Informazioni sul prodotto Protezione mab v2.oc

Gilet con airbag posteriore e frontale integrati.

MOTOAIRBAG 20.11 is the new style version. additional high visible elements, new desing, frontal mash for ventilation. As usual Motoairbag is made in Cordura 500 and it has 2 external pockets and one on the inside. The vest is designed to be comfortable and neatly put on top of other motorcycle jackets. Sideways regulations allow to wear MOTOAIRBAG above the winter jackets or during summer. The airbag system of MOTOAIRBAG can be extracted for washing the vest.

Air bag frontale.

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