X-802R Ultra Carbon Stareus 6 Helmet X-lite

Brand: X-lite
Category: Helmets Full
Gender: unisex
Department: strada, racing
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product informations X-802R Ultra Carbon Stareus 6 Helmet

The helmet Carbon X-Lite X-802R Ultra carbon Stareus 6 and the new top of the range of the category made with lightweight carbon fiber shell.

Features helmet Carbon X-Lite X-802R Ultra Carbon Stareus 6:

  • Composite fiber shell molded carbon fiber, Kevlar and glass, high-quality materials to guarantee high performance.
  • Triple outer shell
  • Snorkel top -Presa front air - Chin guard air intake - rear air extractor
  • easily removable nose deflector, helps to direct hot air down, preventing fogging of the visor.
  • Full-face helmet Carbon X-Lite X-802R Ultra Carbon Stareus 6 with screen easily removable, prevents air infiltration under the chin.
  • Removable and washable, the comfort padding is made of highly breathable fabrics, soft and fresh, subjected to antibacterial treatment to guarantee maximum comfort.
  • The interior fitted to all models of X-lite are the result of experience gained over the years following a long process of testing at the circuits of the MotoGP and Superbike.
  • The unique snap-fit makes it particularly easy disassembly and assembly.
  • The helmet Carbon X-Lite X-802R Ultra Carbon Stareus 6 with removable cheek pads
  • UltraWide quick release visor scratch-resistant, can be dismantled easily and quickly, using existing utensili.La large surface makes possible a broader view, also lateral, thus ensuring the maximum driving comfort and increasing active safety.
  • All visors provide S / R (Scratch Resistant - scratch resistant).
  • Double-action device enabling the lock function visor to prevent accidental opening at high speeds or visor demisting (at low speeds or during stops, by a minimum opening of the same).
  • Double Rings: particularly suitable for prolonged use of the helmet, the retention system is more popular for use on the track.
  • Pinlock: anti-fog visor (with profile silicone FSB Full Silicone Border).
  • The unique adjustment system adopted by Nolan Group allows you to adjust the draft in the visor from the outside of the visor, without it being necessary to remove the same.
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