Neck Brace NSS Ufo

Brand: Ufo
Gender: unisex
Code: PCO2287-W
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product informations Neck Brace NSS

The neck support "NSS" is entirely a product MADE IN ITALY and was developed with a high concept of ergonomics to better fulfill the needs of interaction between the chest, back and shoulders and with that without protections: • High mobility of the head • Good integration with helmet and bib • Great ergonomics • Lightweight • Available in 6 colors • Filling in two different thicknesses for a better fit • External Removable ® Sensitive Material • Removable colored graphic kit • Supports two adjustable rear positions • Removable elastic suspenders I have used the Ufo Plast their great knowledge of the NSS to produce plastic polymers, creating a co-injected molded from polymers and polymer foam which is a real novelty in the field, avoiding the use of dangerous (in case of failure structural) composite fibers. A process that gives adequate structural features for the needs and at the same time ensures optimal comfort, ergonomic product development and properties of PU foam offer excellent shock absorption and un'ininfluente interference with the neck in case of contact. The side connection allows you to wear the NSS with ease and in complete autonomy, even with the helmet worn. An effective security system allows the maintenance of the closure by impact.