City Tour Helmet Suomy

Brand: Suomy
Category: Helmets Jet
Gender: unisex
Department: scooter
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product informations City Tour Helmet

City tour is the helmet Jet FIBER composite made by SUOMY and studied in detail in internal comfort, construction technology, reliability and safety of the end user. As tradition SUOMY, CITY TOUR has a shape sport and at the same time ensures the comfort that only a quality helmet can give. CITY TOUR is inspired by the predecessor NOMAD already well known and appreciated by the market CITY TOUR includes technical solutions. The new materials used to provide shell a unique rigidity while maintaining considerable lightness of weight total of the helmet. 1. External aerodynamics: introduced "attractive" for the ribbing conveying the flows of air from the front to the rear of the helmet. The two front air intakes allow a considerable air inside the helmet thanks to the Venturi effect and the presence of the grooves formed in the polystyrene, the latter allowing a significant internal ventilation. E 'was also introduced a rear air intake using the same effect increases the circulation of air also in the rear of the helmet thus ensuring 'a good uniformity 'of the temperature over the entire inner surface. The appendices are used also been studied in order to ensure the maintenance of a laminar flow on the cap itself thus avoiding the annoying shaking linked to generation of turbulence. 2. Internal ventilation: CITY TOUR and 'equipped with an internal protection polystyrene with special ducts can blow hot air into the air intake thus ensuring 'a considerable parts of the same and the maintenance of a constant internal temperature. The fabrics used in the interior are also made with a special sponge cells open that ensures high breathability ' Composite shell: With CITY TOUR SUOMY development continues in the realization of their caps through the use of innovative materials. Thanks to the "know-how" of the research and development department has been used a new composite that allows to have a shell very light but at the same time more resistant to impact. The special geometry with which it 'was made the cover the CITY TOUR adds to the already 'high level of protection and safety SUOMY. The particular conformation of the cap and the aerodynamic used give the CITY TOUR cut very aggressive and very close to the typical characteristics "racing" that have always distinguished the products SUOMY. - Internal: The interior is fully in precious fabric COOLMAX ® ACTIVE: • Wicks sweat away from the body; • Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable; • Lightweight, soft and breathable; • Performance verified and certified by ADVANSA. Cheek pads and internal comfort shell can be removed, washed and replaced. The pillows are in different thickness to meet all user sizes. - Retention system: The retention system "D-RING" double D ring designed and patented Suomy ensures stability and robustness. - Face: Printed and formed from a flat sheet which is subsequently thermoformed, realized in polycarbonate with an average thickness of 2 mm. Each visor is a unique piece with property optical and mechanical resistance, unmatched. In addition, thanks to this process is not necessary the application inside the visor of overlapping lenses since they are already equipped with treatment permanent "anti-fog" and "anti-scratch".

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