Seattle Shoe Stylmartin

Brand: Stylmartin
Category: Footwear Shoes
Gender: unisex
Department: custom
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product informations Seattle Shoe

The Seattle is a sneaker "mounted". In technical jargon means that the upper, insole and sole are fixed together within a shape. This processing allows to obtain a better support of the foot and at the same time offers unparalleled convenience of fit. Moreover it is a shoe born to the motorcyclist urban and consequently its features should take account of requirements that a sneaker free time (most often made ??with the technique in Strobel seam, that points on the extreme lightness and flexibility ). is not called upon to meet. To unite the two types is the basic style, unmistakable Stylmartin that has managed to maintain. A style that appeals to young and not very much, now available in several versions for those who travel on two wheels. The "added value" of the home Stylmartin sneaker is made exclusively by technical factors but, as you will see by the special that will trend. But let's see how it is made and how soon it has earned the "license" shoe fits motorcycle / scooter. The Seattle oiled leather upper, black in color Vintage, treated water repellent and is equipped with an internal membrane waterproof and breathable. The caps on the ankles are internal, PU, on both sides. The area in contact with the shift lever has an over application rubber WR. The insole is anatomical, breathable, micro ... and removable. The rubber sole has a non-slip design that facilitates the large grip. Finally, there are distinctive elements that increase active safety "on board" as the reflex back and the original laces in yellow flou (supplied along with a second pair in light gray). The sizes range from 39 to 46.