Carbo-3 Gloves Spidi

Brand: Spidi
Gender: man
Department: strada, racing
Code: A126494
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product informations Carbo-3 Gloves

Leather glove developed for sports and competitions, with shields made of carbon, triple strap closure with anti slipping, elastic zone, microfibre inserts, reinforcements Keramide and a side profile reinforced with multiple layers of the little finger on the line, designed to increase resistance in case of slippage. In particular, the new carbon fiber aerodynamic shields knuckles and shock, with special raised profiles (patent SPID) has led to: - better shock absorption - Improved aerodynamics - Improved performance in helping hand to slide, reducing the risk of pericolese levers against the asphalt This particular shield is also present on the glove Carbo Winter, the winter version of Carbo 3 ..

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