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product informations protection for the elbow

technology The d3o ™ protection for specific limbs, offer good protection, while being extremely comfortable and light, and they work very well in extreme temperatures. All components are CE certified and are ideal for sports, especially for snow sports and cycling. PRO A - specific protection for the hip PRO B - specific protection for the shoulder PRO C - specific protection for the elbow PRO D - specific protection for the knee d3o ™ material produces a unique in protections, which combines chemistry and advanced engineering to produce a high-performance shock absorption system. The material d3o ™ is soft to the normal state, even when it is raw almost liquid, but, when subjected to a shock, its atoms are bound closely together to disperse the energy and then go right back to its initial state. This unique feature means that the protection provided is equal to that of traditional materials and lightness, comfort, versatility remains without the possibility of comparison with the commonly used solutions. Only the imagination can limit the scope of applications of this technology.

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