Long compression socks Lycra/energy Approuved Sixs

Brand: Sixs
Gender: unisex
Department: bici
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product informations Long compression socks Lycra/energy Approuved

The long sock made ​​with Lycra technology Energy graduated compression, reduces swelling, drains fluid accumulation in the legs and prepares for better compression by exploiting the physical effort of the muscles which increases the oxygen carried by the blood, increasing the power and strength athletics. This results in a lower accumulation of fluid in the legs and then a delay in the onset of painful phenomena during sports activities. The seamless design and comfortable cuff on the calf make this product very convenient and efficient. Suitable for the preparation of the physical effort, delays the onset of phenomena related to the accumulation of lactic acid. Graduated compression and certified "Energy Approuved Lycra", each batch of product is tested to ensure consistency with the Protocol deposited by a laboratory Lycra.