Gaiters Tbx Carbon Light Blue Sixs

Brand: Sixs
Gender: unisex
Department: scooter, strada
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Neck tube Sixs Gaiters Tbx Green Carbon Sixs Gaiters Tbx Carbon Orange Sixs Gaiters Tbx Carbon Light Blue Sixs Gaiters Tbx Carbon Red Sixs
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product informations Gaiters Tbx Carbon Light Blue

The multipurpose SIXS light blue scarf is perfect for all seasons. In the presence of extreme temperatures, the warmer fencing from the cold but at the same time allows to escape the excess heat which would otherwise cause an unpleasant feeling of moisture. The seamless design makes this product very convenient and efficient. Suitable for training and sports competition during the summer and winter.


  • antistatic fabric
  • 77% polypropylene
  • 15% polyamide
  • 5% elastomeric
  • 3% carbon