Vortice Air Boots Sidi

Brand: Sidi
Gender: unisex
Department: racing
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product informations Vortice Air Boots

SIDI VORTICE Upper in Lorica Lined with jersey Teflon treated air Elastic insert on the hinge Tecno Calf tensioner Tecno Shin tensioner Tecno instep tensioner Beams support the ankle joint with Side air intake and scuff pad Scuff pad with alloy insert Shock Absorbing Heel Rubber outsole with replaceable insert Nylon insole with removable arch support All components are replaceable VORTEX AND ' MADE IN Lorica ® LINED AND BREATHABLE AIR MAGLINA TREATED WITH TEFLON ® , THE TIP AND ' IN CAMBRELLE ® . TEFLON : It is a treatment protectors tissues ; this processing prevents the ' water absorption and sweat. Not retaining the water , the inside of the boot dries quickly and prevents the onset of mold. Sidi for facilitating the closure of the zip , especially in the area of the malleolus , added an elastic insert that widening allows a greater movement and facilitates the operation. The variant Lux / bench is produced Microfiber microfiber It ' a synthetic material due to its finishing allows dirt to slide away . It can be cleaned with mild soap and water or cleansing milk , and alcohol use aggressive cleaning agents is prohibited , it would lose the effect of the transparency. CUFF THE REAR AND ' MADE : THE MECHANISM TECNO CALF TENSIONER , TECNO SHIN TENSIONER AND THE ANKLE SUPPORT BEAMS . _THE TECNO CALF TENSIONER MECHANISM GOVERNING THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE CUFF , PLACED AFTER ACTS THROUGH A NYLON HOOK YOU DIRECTLY ON THE FRONT . TECNO CALF TENSIONER AND ' INTERCHANGEABLE CHOOSING BETWEEN VARIOUS MEASURES TO ADAPT TO THE CALF CIRCUMFERENCE . _THE MECHANISM TECNO SHIN TENSIONER helps the TECNO CALF TENSIONER MECHANISM IN THE END OF THE CUFF ON THE FRONT OF THE BOOT . THE TWO BEAMS NYLON SCREWS THAT THROUGH TWO HIDDEN BY A PLUG TO JOINT NYLON WITH A JOINT focus on the malleolus , WE NEED TO SUPPORT ANKLE . ARE REINFORCED WITH FIBER GLASS AND ARE EASILY INTERCHANGEABLE . ALLOW AN EXCELLENT MOVEMENT OF BENDING . _air VENTILATION SYSTEM ( air intake ) A THIRD BEAM POST ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE LOWER BOOT , INTEGRA AN OUTLET AIR OPERATED WITH A BUTTON aerodynamic . _TECNO INSTEP TENSIONER VORTEX PRESENTS ON THE FRONT FOOT ON THE NECK, A ' ADDITIONAL CLOSING , ESTABLISHED BY A BAND WRAP ADJUSTABLE THROUGH THE MECHANISM MICROMETRIC TECNO INSTEP TENSIONER TESTED BY THE PREVIOUS MODEL RACE VERTIGO . _SHOCK ABSORBING HEEL CUP ( shock absorbing heel ) A SHELL PU WELCOMES INSIDE AN INSERT SHOCK ABSORBING VISIBLE OUTSIDE THROUGH SMALL 4 slits CHARACTERISING THE LOOK OF THE HEEL . HULL AND THE ' MOBILE WHY ' THE BOOT IS FIXED BY TWO BOLTS THAT ALLOW FOR 3MM HIKING IN THE EVENT OF A CRASH . _SHIN PLATE ( Front ) THE FRONT AND ' MADE IN NYLON AND ' PLACED ON A STAND IN FRONT POLYURETHANE . BOTH ARE CHANGE THEM THROUGH THE VINES . _VORTICE SLIDER (soap ) THE SOAP OF SLIPPING AND ' MADE IN NYLON REINFORCED WITH GLASS FIBRE . WELCOMES A ' UNPRECEDENTED AND INNOVATIVE AIR INTAKE AND INSERT A NEW LEAGUE . SUN _RACING SRS ( sole with replaceable insert ) THE SOLE AND ' POLYURETHANE RUBBER AND TAKES A REMOVABLE INSERT FOOT AREA WHERE MORE AND ' WEAR . The insole is made ??of plastic material with removable arch support . All parts of the boot are replaceable.

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