Intercom SRC System C3 Pro 50/59 Schuberth

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product informations Intercom SRC System C3 Pro 50/59

Schuberth C3 Pro


The new SRC-Systeme an integrated communication system with the acoustic collar. E ' can & nbsp; install in helmet only class = "GRspelling"> ingredient and connected aerial integrated all'C3 Pro a series.

Now, the main functions

  • Intercom in the pilot and passengerBack
  • Bike-to-bike intercom (up to 700 m)
    • intercom conference mode to three drivers
    • Mobile Phone, MP3, GPS connection
    • Radio VHF integrated & nbsp; with RDS


      Up to three motorcyclists can communicate simultaneously with the SRC-System. Under ideal conditions the range is up to 700 meters.

      • Range up to 700 meters depending on the terrain and visual contact
      • Automatic Connection Recovery when it falls
      • Automatic connection starts talking
      • Connecting automatically ends after 30 seconds of silence, communication system with two

        Voice Control (VOX)

        The VOX (Voice Operated eXchange) enables the activation by voice
        of the main functions, such as recording and call acceptance.

        • Reliable operation with voice commands
        • The sensitivity & agrave; Response can memorize options be individually configured

          Phone + GPS

          The connection between a mobile phone with capacities  Bluetooth and SRCS & egrave; very easy to set. Incoming calls can be accepted with a voice command and using the SRC-System keys. This is serious; also applies for navigation devices with ability & agrave; Bluetooth. After the SRC-System is connected to the GPS device, the rider can memorize options receive voice instructions conveniently through headphones.

          • Able to control with simple voice commands (VOX)
            & nbsp;


            MP3 players & more ugrave; municipalities may be connected to the SRC-System via the multifunctional USB interface. If the MP3 device supports Bluetooth A2DP, not & egrave; no cable required.

            • Easy to connect thanks to USB
            • Simple control using the SRC-System Control keys

              Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

              The SRC-System & trade; rule automaton