Bluetooth Kit 3 N-com nolan comunication system

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product informations Bluetooth Kit 3

Bluetooth Kit3 offers the highest performances of all the products that make up the N-Com range. Beautiful design, Bluetooth technology, perfect integration in the helmet, minimum aerodynamic impact, new ergonomic and user-friendly keyboard. The new features ensure an increasingly pleasant ride and an even simpler management of the Bluetooth Kit3. FM radio with RDS function (to stay tuned to the same radio station for the entire ride) with 6 pre-settings for your favourite radio stations. Bike-to-bike communication between two Bluetooth Kit3 systems up to a distance of 500 metres* and Pilot-passenger communication, via Bluetooth or via wire. Audio configuration, FM radio and firmware update directly from PC by means of USB wire. Note: In order to use the Bluetooth Kit3, your Nolan N-Com helmet must be equipped with Basic Kit2. * in open field, with no obstacles