Motorbike Safety Clothing

Biker Protective Gear

Safety when riding a motorbike is mostly achieved through the high-quality personal gear you wear. Protections should keep you safe without compromising your movements so you can have a clear sight and perfect control in all conditions. From all the different types of protections for all the parts of the body, the most important are undoubtedly those for the spinal cord. These can be motorcycle back protectors to be worn under the suit or the jacket. These can be classified and approved according to EN 1621.1 / 97 or EN 1621.2 / 2000, which provides the highest level of safety. Another very important group of items is for the knees since they are more exposed than other parts of the body. Knee protectors not only protect from direct impacts but also impede unnatural movements of the articulations.

High quality products for your safety

Buying quality motorcycle protections is the first step towards increasing your safety on the road and you will never regret buying them, especially if you will ever need them on your road trips with a two-wheeler. Our store offers a rich catalog with important security features and novelties for bikers. An element that can not be overseen is the motorcycle collar, a protective element that off-road bikers appreciate well and that can sustain and secure the head when practicing cross or enduro. Other items that are very appreciated, due to their level of safety, are the protections that can be inserted in a motorcycle jacket, in their specific pockets on the back or elbows. Although they are soft when wearing them, they become instantly hard when needed, absorbing energy and keeping the body safe. On Motorama you will find high-quality motorcycle protections with prices never seen before which have been chosen by our staff. Take advantage of our offers and order online.