BT Intercom City Single Midland

Brand: Midland
Gender: nd
Department: strada
Code: C929
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product informations BT Intercom City Single

BT City 2014 update Bluetooth intercom young, smart and ... more addatabile

  • Bluetooth connection possible with phones, MNP3 Stereo, Navigation Intercom or Moto-Moto;
  • Compatible Bluetooth remote control "BT REMOTE" for the management of all functions from the handlebars of the bike without wires;
  • Compatible with Bluetooth Radio "Midland G8BT" for communications up to 12 KM Away; Intercom function or oto and Motorcycles; Possibility of wire connections for the following devices: iPod/MP3 player stereo;
  • Stereo audio, the only one in its segment with stereo audio via Buetooth;
  • AGC technology which automatically adjusts the headset volume based on ambient noise and driving speed; Vox activation that allows you to open the link Intercom and will respond to phone calls using a voice command GPS directions in the background so as not to interrupt the communication; Waterproof;
  • Compatible with tuti helmets;

Designed to move the bike to the slopes, to the bike:

cod C932 for use with ear warmers on the ski slopes, bike etc. ...

c1053 code for use with ski helmets

cod 1030 climbing etc.