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product informations ALCHOL BREATH TESTER

Determines the value of alcohol (ethanol) content in the blood by analyzing exhaled alveolar air. Additional Features: • Net micro flashlight LED (light orange). Two timer functions: countdown timer and stopwatch. Useful to remember the time in which the car can stay parked • Handy keychain with ring • Works with two alkaline "AAA" 1.5V / UM-4 (not supplied) CAUTION: The maximum permissible BAC during the driving a motor vehicle varies from nation to nation. In Italy, the upper limit is 0.05% and this tester is calibrated to the limit. If the test result corresponds to the red LED (equal to or greater than 0.05%) is highly recommended that you do NOT start driving. The driver is subject to a fine and license suspension. The reading indicated by this tester should be regarded as indicative. Tester is not suitable for professional use or for official use.