Child's bike for children S-650 Givi

Brand: Givi
Gender: child
Department: scooter
Code: S650
€ 154.61
list price: € 184.50
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product informations Child's bike for children S-650

Child's bike for children S-650

Built to fit most scooters in circulation, the S650 is the result of a study aimed at finding solutions to increase the level of safety of the children "on board". The S650 provides for children aged 5 to 8 years about the proper attitude in the saddle prevents the small passenger can slide sideways and is equipped with two "footstool" adjustable. The S650 is attached to the saddle by special clamps with adjustable universal. There are no belts that take the child tied to the seat in as many deemed dangerous in case of a fall. The presence of an adult on the front seat is still sufficient to prevent any forward movement.