Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

General questions
What are the store's opening hours?

The store is open at the following times:

Monday from 3.30pm to 7.30pm

Tuesday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm - from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

The second Sunday of the month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 3:30 pm to 7:00 pm

How do I register on the site and where is my account?
At the top right of the page you will find the registration link and access to your account ("login", "register"), by registering you can place orders and make any requests and view all communications with our customer support.
I have problems with registration, what can I do?
If you have entered incorrect data, or for any other type of problem, send us an email to, we will provide you with the necessary support
I forgot my password, how can I change it?

Just click on "Login" at the top right and then on "Did you forget your password?" Entering the registration e-mail will receive an e-mail to enter a new password.

If you have any problem send us an email to, we will provide you with the necessary support.

I have to make a gift, what can I do?

If you want to make a gift but you don't know what, you can buy a Motorama Gift Card, you can choose the value, indicate the details of the person to whom to make the gift, and decide whether to send it by post or by email.

It is possible to purchase and use Motorama Gift Card both in-store and online.

The Motorama Gift Card has a duration of 10 months from the date of purchase.

How can I contact you via Telegram?

Telegram is a chat application and other similar to the most famous apps like Whatsapp, Messenger etc., you can download the app from Apple or Google stores directly on your phone, or even directly on PC by downloading the application for Microsoft Windows from this page, you can also use Telegram web by accessing directly from a page of your browser.

Once the application is installed, just click on the link at the top left of our page:, to open a chat with our customer service.
How do I contact Motorama customer support?

For each question you can contact us via:

Telegram chat:

Telephone: 055 0332883


Telephone assistance is active at the following times:

Tuesday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Promotions and discounts

Why doesn't the discount code work?

Some promotions have an expiration date, probably it is an expired code, in the case contact us we will verify.

It is also likely that it is a discount code that cannot be combined with other offers. When there are products that already have a high discount, which is equal to or greater than the discount percentage of the promotional code, it is not possible to accumulate further discounts, check the promotion methods in any case.

Product availability
What does it mean that the product is available?
If a product for a given size and a certain color is available, then physically present in our warehouse, by ordering this product we will handle the order in the shortest possible time.
Products available between 7 or 14 working days, when will I receive them?

We have one of the largest department stores for clothing and motorcycle accessories, however there are products, in sizes or colors that are not present in our warehouse. In this case, if you order one of these products we will in turn make the order of the missing product directly from the supplier / manufacturer.

If the product is available in the warehouse of our supplier at the time of your order, within a few days the product will be available again in our warehouse, so we will proceed with processing your order.

However, it is possible that the wait is prolonged for several days, as the availability of the products in the warehouses of our suppliers varies constantly during the day, as well as the times of production of the goods. Furthermore, it is not possible to monitor the warehouses of our suppliers on a daily basis, which are in common with all European retailers.

It is clear that the availability of a certain product in our suppliers' warehouse can change within a few hours, prolonging waiting times in some cases considerably.

To get more precise information on waiting times for products, please contact us, always bearing in mind that availability varies during the day. Example: in the morning, at the request of one of our customers, we ask for information on the waiting time of a product at one of our suppliers / producers, then in the afternoon our customer places the order of the product in question, but in the meantime the availability of the product in the Supplier's warehouse has changed, as well as waiting times that will be different from those communicated in the morning.

We are aware that this situation sometimes generates problems and frustrations due to the waiting for products that are not available, Motorama has always been committed to offering a wide choice of products, but unfortunately we have no control over the warehouse dynamics of the various manufacturers, our suppliers. We hope you understand that this situation is frustrating for us too.

The product I'm waiting for is in late more than expected, what can I do?
If a product you have ordered is not available in our warehouse and the manufacturer has changed the waiting time, it is possible to proceed with a change with an available product, or in the case of very long waiting times, to the order cancellation or in the event of more products ordered, with the cancellation of the not available product.
I need an accessory or product that is not on the site, how can I do it?
If you need a replacement for a helmet (visor, mechanisms, interiors), or you need a product that is not on the site, please contact us, we will try to find the product and make you our best offer.
My product has different details than the photos on the site, how come?

It often happens that the manufacturer slightly changes the graphics or the coloring of some details, and that therefore the product you received differs from what you see in the photo.

However in this case we are dealing with small details, if you have received a product with different graphics and colors contact us as soon as possible.

Paypal is an intermediary between your bank accounts or credit cards and the various online stores, this allows you to pay without problems even directly from the bank account.
Credit cards

Credit card payments are made on Nexi gateways, credit card data are managed by the payment system and are in no way recorded by our systems.

For payments with a foreign credit card without authentication, a check is carried out with the KEY CLIENT circuit and the foreign bank of reference, in these cases it is possible that there will be a delay in the execution of the order

Bank transfer
After the order, choosing the bank transfer as payment method, you will receive an email containing the data to make the transfer. With this type of payment, before proceeding to fulfill the order, we will wait for the amount to be credited to our account, in which case the order processing times will be longer than using other payment systems.
Pick & Pay (In-store pickup)

It is possible to pick up the products ordered online directly in the shop, making the payment online or at the time of collection in the store.

You will be contacted when your order is ready to be picked up.


Refunds are made using the type of payment used, for example: if the payment was made by credit card, the refund can be made only on this card.

In case of payment by bank transfer, to proceed with the reimbursement it is necessary to communicate to us an Iban of a current account.

My payment was refused, why?

In case of payment not successful, check the credit card security system, check your paypal account, or that the data entered is correct.

If the problems persist, contact us, we will send you a request for direct payment by email.

To change an order already done

Any request for change of orders or cancellation must be made in writing, then by email to, via Telegram chat, or with a request for assistance directly on the pages of your order on

Requests made by telephone will not be accepted.

It is not possible to modify or cancel an order already sent.

How can I add or change the products in my order?

In case you want to modify the products of your order, we invite you to contact our customer service as soon as possible, possibly through a request for assistance directly from the order screen, making the requests for your order known.

In case of change of product or addition of products, if the total order is greater than previously paid (in case of payment by credit card or paypal) a request for payment will be sent for the difference.

Can I delete one or more products from my order? How will I be reimbursed?

It is possible to delete one or more products and request a refund, just make a request for assistance directly from the order screen.

The reimbursement, in the event that the final order is of less value than previously paid (in the case of payment by credit card or Paypal), will be made only with the method previously used for payment. Example, if the payment of the order originally was made by credit card, the refund can be made exclusively on the credit card used.

Can I cancel the order I just made?
Just contact our customer service to cancel the order, send us a request for assistance directly from your order page, or contact us by email ( or Telegram.
How much are shipping charges?

For orders from Italy, with orders over € 80, shipping is free.

For orders from Germany, with orders over € 100, shipping is free.

For all other countries, shipping costs are calculated at the time, and depend on the destination of the goods and weight (in some cases the volumetric weight of the package applies), you can view the shipping cost of your order by viewing the cart , before confirming the order.

I placed the order, when will my products start?

The order processing time depends on many factors, such as the payment method, for example in case of bank transfer we will wait for the total amount to be credited to our account before proceeding with the preparation of the order and any order with our suppliers, in the case of products not available in stock. Obviously the availability of the products also affects the order processing time.

Generally if the products are all available we try to prepare the orders in the shortest possible time, we must however take into account the possible delays in the periods characterized by a high number of orders received or in the event of a holiday.

The order is shipped, how can I check the shipping status?

It will be the courier's responsibility to send an e-mail with the tracking information of the package to the order address. Usually the mail is sent in the afternoon or evening of the day the order is shipped.

It must however be taken into account that it is possible that the shipping documents and the package have been prepared beyond the time limit for collection by the courier, therefore the shipment will be withdrawn by the courier the next day.

With the tracking code it is possible to check the status of your order by visiting the courier's site that sent you the code, or on, which automatically tracks the major couriers used in the world.

Can I only receive some products from my order?

It is possible to receive only a part of the order, for example in the event that your order contains products that are not available in our warehouse, and the wait is very long. The shipping costs are charged to the purchaser in the event that the value of the goods of the individual shipments does not exceed € 80.

Example: purchase two pairs of gloves worth € 90 and € 40, in the case of a single shipment, the total value of the goods exceeds € 80, shipping is free, in the case of two shipments, the € 90 glove will be 'sent free of charge, while the shipping costs will be borne by the buyer for the 40 € one.

I can't find my shipment, what can I do?

In case of delay, or problems during the tracking of the package, it is a good idea to contact us as soon as possible to check if there are any problems with the courier and in the event we will open a report of loss of the package with the courier. If the loss of the package should be ascertained and confirmed by the courier, we will proceed with a second shipment of the purchased products.

It is good to keep in mind that in these cases Motorama will promptly request assistance from the courier, but the time taken to resolve the case depends exclusively from the courier, which usually takes several days to carry out all the necessary checks.

I received a damaged package, what should I do?

During the delivery of the package by the courier it is a good idea to check, before picking up the goods, that the box is intact and the "Motorama" adhesive tape is present, clearly visible, to close the package. In the case of different adhesive tape, a box which is conspicuously damaged or open, the wording "with reservation" must be affixed by the courier on the transport document, if this is not possible, it is a good idea to refuse the package.

Subsequently, in case of problems, contact us as soon as possible at, perhaps sending us photos of the box and the damaged product.

Does Motorama ship abroad?
We currently ship worldwide, just enter the destination country and our system will calculate shipping costs automatically.
Orders from abroad
VAT exemption for purchases outside the EU
In case of purchases outside the EU, the invoices will be VAT exempt; in this case the program is based on the destination country of the goods and automatically generates an invoice with amount without VAT.
VAT exemption for companies based in the EU
If you have a valid VAT number and are a customer of an EU country (excluding Italy), you will receive a VAT-free invoice after we have verified your VAT number.
Customs duties for purchases outside the EU

If you place an order from a country outside the EU it is possible that additional costs due to customs duties may apply.

The value of the additional costs depends on the destination country, the weight and the value of the product, we advise you to inquire at the customs authority of your country for more information.

Can I get a VAT refund (TAX FREE) if I live in a country outside the EU?
If you are a customer residing in an extra EU country you can request the purchase with a VAT refund, this procedure is only valid in the store, it is not possible to make a TAX FREE online purchase.
Returns and refunds
How much time do I have to return a product?

If you want to return a product, legally you have 14 days from the receipt of the package to tell us the return request.

You can return a product only if you have never used it, it is still in its packaging, intact and without signs of wear, with tags and labels attached. In the event that the product shows signs of wear, without tags, with defects and marks, or has been clearly used, it will be returned to the sender with the debit of the shipping costs.

How can I return a product?

Click here to download the return form
Fill it in and insert it together with the product you want to return, then send it to the address: Motorama Srl, Via Mannelli, 79 - 50136 Florence, by post or courier, the shipping costs for sending the goods are at your expense.

We remind you that the return is valid for products that are intact, never used, not removed from the packaging, which must be present, non-compliant, used or damaged products will not be accepted, in this case the product will be sent back to you and we will charge you the shipping costs.

How long will you be refunding?

After receiving the goods back, and checking the status and integrity of the same, we will make the refund according to your instructions, within 14 days. In the case of Paypal repayments, the waiting time is usually shorter.

Failure to return the goods to our warehouses will invalidate any request for reimbursement.

Can I make a product change?

It is possible to return the product according to the indications valid for returns and refunds, and request instead of the refund, the shipment of a product or an alternative size, also in this case it is possible to download the return and product exchange form from here

The shipping costs for sending the new product are your responsibility, you will be deducted from the total to be reimbursed, or an additional payment will be required, depending on the difference in the amount, between the initial order and the modified order.

Can I return or exchange a product purchased online in the store?

It is possible to replace or return products purchased online, bringing them directly to the store.

In this case, any reimbursement will be made according to the method used for payment.

In case of change of product or addition of products, such that the new order is higher than the initial order, it is possible to pay the difference directly in the store.

The product has defects, does not work, what should I do?

If the product has a defect, it is damaged or there are other problems, contact our customer service, if possible try to send us some explanatory photos, we will make all the necessary checks and contact the supplier.

If it is not possible to evaluate and verify the present problem, you will have to send the product at your expense for a direct analysis by the supplier.

You can download the assistance / exchange / return request form from here

The product is not what I ordered, what should I do?
If the product is different from the one you ordered, contact our customer service and send us the photo of the product and the barcode tag, we will verify, in case it is our mistake we will send you the right product as soon as possible and we will contact the courier to collect the incorrect package.
Product warranty and repair
How long is the product warranty?

According to current legislation the product warranty has a duration of 2 years, some types of particular products (tires, oils, batteries) are excluded from the warranty.

In some cases the manufacturers offer a guarantee of longer duration, in this case, after 2 years you have to contact the manufacturer directly.

My product is no longer working or is damaged, what should I do?

In case of malfunctions due to product defects, contact us explaining the problem you are experiencing, perhaps even sending us some photos.

If the product is still under warranty, we will analyze the problem and eventually replace it.

In case of assistance, when the product arrives from the manufacturer the timing no longer depends on our will and often several weeks are needed for repairs. Please take into consideration that, before supplying information to us, the manufacturer requires at least two weeks from the receipt of the goods.

However, we remain at your disposal for requests for processing updates.

The product has been damaged but is no longer under warranty, what can I do?

If the product is no longer under warranty, if the problem occurred due to incorrect use of the product, or if it simply wore out, depending on the product, we can try to carry out a paid repair. In any case we will provide you with a quote on the repair of your product, the processing will start only after you have accepted this estimate.

For more information send us all the details of your problem, we will do our best to help you.

Custom-made products
I need a tailored suit, what can I do?

It is possible to make tailor-made suits according to the manufacturers' instructions, to do this it is necessary to take your measurements for different parts of the body; given the complexity of the operation it is necessary that you come to our shop to gather in the most precise way all the information you need to make a customized leather suit.

Contact us for more information about it.