Gilet D-Air street Dainese

Brand: Dainese
Category: Jackets D-air®
Gender: man
Department: strada
Code: 1D20000001
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product informations Gilet D-Air street

D- air ® Street in its most versatile : a vest that can be worn over normal clothing , and therefore particularly suitable for urban use and short range movement . It is equipped with Wave back protector , and after passing over 800 individual tests , got the TÜV SÜD certification . D- air ® Street protects the rider and passenger use road where he recognizes and intervenes in case of: - Impact against fixed obstacles or moving. - Fall from slipping . - Infill side or rear . D- air ® Street works without any physical connection to the vehicle and consists of a system installed on the bike called M -kit ( sold separately) and a system called J- inserted into the vest kit. This architecture allows a quick response to impact and effective protection throughout the dynamics of an accident. J -KIT Pneumatic system (included with the jacket ) is composed of two high-pressure bags with a total volume of 12 liters and two gas generators to cool technology , an electronic charge of the dialogue with the central units and inflation , a slot for SIM card recognition system , Batteries, power on / off and fault indicators to vibration. Dainese offers its customers a network of authorized installation Dainese D -air ® Street flanking authorized stores , and that they are in possession of all the knowledge in order to operate safely and in a workmanlike installation of the D M -air ® Street -kit in your motorcycle or scooter . The activity of installation is included in the purchase price of the product , so you just have to , after buying the D- air ® Street (jacket and kit M) , make an appointment at the dealership, the reference of which you will be given ` dall'addetto for sale and go to the appointment on the arranged day . The dealerships have been selected and properly trained to perform the installation and thus ensure the maximum reliability of operation of the product ` .