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product informations Axial Regular Out Boots

D-TEC ( Dainese Technology Center ) introduces the new 2005 series of boots Axial, with the now famous protective system developed with the collaboration of the best MotoGP riders (Valentino Rossi, Max Biaggi, etc. ) and the Clinica Mobile Dr . Costa. Axial is a structure inside the boots , thanks to a unique joint, limits the twisting of the ankle that could cause you severe trauma . Axial also embraces the foot and ankle for protection against impact , which is efficiently absorbed through even distribution throughout the structure . The effectiveness of this solution , as evidenced by the severe tests to which the boots were subjected during the competition , has been improved in terms of ergonomic comfort. The series Axial 2005 show new colors and a fitting system with a refurbished one back zipper instead of two . Change also the upper part of the boot , made of elastic fabric D-Stone and skin , ensures an optimal fit and accelerates the step of dressing . The version REGULAR presents a hybrid protection system that combines two different technologies : in the heel is used a hull composite fiber which uses the same principle of the protective Axial Race, while the tibia is protected thanks to the inserts in composite material typical of the boots out . Even for the Regular version as the version for Race the upper part of the boot is used a fabric part elastic D-Stone : in this way the boot adheres better to the ankle and allows a perfect lock of the boot above the suit . Moreover, the presence of a single rear hinge makes the fit easier and faster . SHOCK - Hull fiber composite heel - Shifter guard - Soft inserts on the calf to protect in case of fall , leaving , at the same time , the foot free to move . - Reduction of the intensity of impact , through the distribution of the shock over the entire surface block. - The light weight allows you to decrease the speed of impact of the foot with the ground when dropped ABRASION - The guards protect the fiber composite heel in case of fall - The spike TPU protects toes - Upper in Lorica and leather crust : it guarantees a high tensile strength and tear . - D-Stone fabric on the calf . - Slider Titanium - Toe carbon ERGONOMICS - System ergonomic clamping foot and closing the boot features : - Hinge rear sole that improves the fit - Bellows elastic instep for ease of movement .

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