Dainese Air Jacket

Motorama in collaboration with Dainese, presents the incredible D-Air jackets, motorbike jackets designed for the utmost body protection, and in particular to protect the torax, the back and the clavicles. Furthermore, D-Air smart jacket limits the movements of the head with respect to the neck and also reduces the movements of the motorbike helmet during a possible fall. D-Air is the intelligent suit for protecting the pilot, for this reason D-Air Street jacket works without any fiscal connection with the bike. Safety is of paramount importance when riding, and D-Air is a new electronic airbag system without a direct connection with the vehicle. This characteristic is something that makes Dainese airbag jacket outstanding with respect to other systems available. In order to use D-Air, M-Kit must be acquired and it is fixed on the motorbike. The other part of the system is the J-Kit, which is the airbag and is in the jacket.

Discounted D-Air Motorcycle Jackets

Only Motorama sells Dainese air jackets at an exceptionally discounted price, making top security garments available to a wide public. Do not wait to buy the best security elements, it is impossible to know when you may need them. The expertise of our staff will help you choose the best motorcycle suits, and will guide you in the selection of the Dainese D-Air jacket that suits you best. They are in constant contact with our clients and know which item is most appropriate for each use. At Motorama you can buy quality motorcycle gear at competitive prices choosing from a large stock of products selected by bikers like you.