Sintesi Helmet Caberg

Brand: Caberg
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Sintesi Helmet Caberg Sintesi Helmet Caberg
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product informations Sintesi Helmet

Sintesi comes from experience Caberg, the first Italian company to have produced flip up helmet, in designing helmets Summary modular design and revolutionary functional characteristics. Synthesis is fitted with an innovative system for opening mono-Synthesis button of the chin guard which, thanks to a movement translatory movement, allows in the open position to have the chin guard much closer to the cap than traditional helmets opens, thus reducing the sail effect and the risk of accidental closing the chin guard. Thanks to this system of opening of the chin guard, is equipped Synthesis of double approval inte-Synthesis Grale / jet that allows motorcyclists to ride both with closed chin guard, ensuring the safety of a full face helmet, and with chin guard open in jet confi guration. To hold weights, prorate the helmet volume to the motorcyclist's size and solve the problem of a diffi cult maneuverability of the chin in the larger sizes. The summary, as usual Summary Caberg, is equipped with the exclusive Double Visor Tech system that, thanks to an inner sun visor easy to use, allows to always drive with the perfect light and with maximum safety. The inner sun visor is resistant to scratches while the clear not only to scratch or tarnish but also thanks to the Lock Pin. Ventilation is guaranteed by two vents easy to move, one positioned on the chin guard air directly to the inner surface species avoiding misting of the visor itself, the other in the upper part of the helmet allows excellent internal ventilation. To ease the discharge of hot and stale air, Sintesi is equipped with two rear vents. The lining is completely removable and Synthesis washable, realized with breathable fabrics and hypoallergenic. The different cheek pads densities allow an excellent comfort for each size. The pillows have been equipped with glasses that allows seating for people who wear glasses a comfortable housing. Synthesis is prepared for the communication system Caberg JUST SPEAK wireless which allows to communicate Synthesis not with your phone and your passenger, but also to connect to a satellite navigator and listen to music through an MP3 player. JUST SPEAK is equipped with the Bluetooth profiles A2DP that allows you to listen in high quality stereo. Outer shell: Outer shell: Thermoplastic material with high impact resistance, developed in two sizes of outer shell Ventilation: Ventilation: - Ventilation system with front fog visor - Aeration top with rear air extractor Interior: Interior: Completely removable and washable lining with hypoallergenic breathable treated Sanitized, the pillows are double differentiated density Visors: Visors: Double Visor Tech - Clear visor anti scratch with Pin Lock Series - Sun visor anti scratch treated Retention system: Retention system: Micrometric buckle WARNING: This helmet can not be used in the U.S. and Canada. The helmet has been homologated according to the European standard ECE / ONU 22.05 and thus is allowed to use only in the countries where it has been the ECE / ONU 22.05