Modus CPL Helmet Caberg

Brand: Caberg
Category: Helmets Modular
Gender: unisex
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product informations Modus CPL Helmet

CPL (Caberg Pump Lining) is an abbreviation for identifi ed in the control system for indoor air Caberg helmets. Through two keys located in the rear area and a system of valves, it is possible to inflate and deflate are the bearings are positioned within the neck roll pillows and making the perfect helmet for every fi sionomia the face, and for any type of use, less narrow paths at low speed, more closely at high speeds. Caberg equip their models open Modus and Duke, being the most widely used type of helmets by motorcyclists who do touring, they're riding several hours in conditions that are always different and that thanks to this system may have its own Caberg made ??and a perfect fit to the face and neck and a marked reduction of interior noise. The CPL also provides an excellent fit in time compensating for the inevitable reduction of the thickness of the interior traditional helmets with each passing month. WARNING: This helmet can not be used in the U.S. and Canada. The helmet has been homologated according to the European standard ECE / ONU 22.05 and thus is allowed to use only in the countries where it has been the ECE / ONU 22.05

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