Tour - X 4 White Helmet Arai

Brand: Arai
Gender: unisex
Department: cross, strada
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product informations Tour - X 4 White Helmet

Adventure, touring or off-road, no matter what the driving conditions, the Tour-X 4 is ready for anything. The new X-Tour 4 is without doubt one of the most versatile helmets of all time: it can be used with peak and visor, visor with or without glasses motocross, but also with the visor only, without peak. In short, the combination that best suits your circumstances. The ventilation system has been redesigned for maximum efficiency and comfort, even in extreme conditions. The outer shell is completely new, redesigned to be more robust than ever. The Tour X-4 is also one of the first to adopt the new Arai helmets Facial Contour System (FCS) system with a flexible insert at the bottom of the pillows, which crunches while you insert the helmet and then expands again when the helmet is worn. This mechanism produces a more enveloping and comfortable fit, offering more support in the jaw. For a more tailored fit, on the surface of a layer of foam pillows are removable 5 mm, to get a little 'more space if necessary, without having to buy new pillows or optional extensions. SPECIFICATIONS: NEW OUTER SHELL The outer shell is extremely rigid and resistant to SFL (Super Fiber Laminate) has been completely redesigned and optimized for maximum comfort and ventilation performance. Optimized ventilation The ventilation system uses entirely new speakers that enhance the extraction of hot air and moisture from the helmet. SPEAKER HIGH SPEED 'FAN The new TX-4 speaker high-speed fan can be removed easily to allow easy cleaning and maintenance of the helmet. Side air extractors The side air extractors significantly increase the air flow in the lower part of the helmet. HOOD OPTIMIZED Visor optimized thanks to the aerodynamic design of the system and opening vents 'brow vent'. LENS ® anti-fog Pinlock INCLUDING The visor has a standard provision for anti-fog Pinlock ®: effectively prevents fogging and condensation of moisture on the visor. Pinlock ® lens is included within each package. TRIPLE USE Three options to use: with visor and visor, with the visor only, or with just visor. The wide visor aperture offers more space for glasses off-road, for those who prefer driving without a visor. UNPUBLISHED Chin guard air intake The new chin guard air intake is designed with two specific objectives: to ensure the best air circulation inside the helmet and offer a stylish look. FIT AND COMFORT To provide a more enveloping fit and improve comfort in the lower part, the Facial Contour System (FCS) has been working with a support pillow which compresses the spring and back in place when wearing a helmet. NEW PEAK The peak of the X-Tour 4 directs cool air towards the front air intakes 3 and TDF use multiple vent holes to reduce the effect of 'buffeting' at high speed. REMOVABLE FOAM LAYER A layer of 5 mm detachable foam pillows and cushions on the temple offers more space if necessary without having to purchase additional pillows or a new cap. Removable and WASHABLE DRY-COOL ® For the interior, completely removable and washable, has been the exclusive material used Dry-Cool ® fabric for better breathability and elimination of moisture and excess heat. The liner dries much faster than conventional fabrics. Interior in different thicknesses are available as an option to customize the fit. EMERGENCY RELEASE SYSTEM The pillows can be removed in seconds by simply pulling the release tabs. This makes the extraction of the helmet much easier in the relief phase and minimizes the risk of further injury. Stiffening ribs To further increase the stiffness of the shell, the helmet is equipped with stiffening ribs at the base, to ensure maximum safety, even in the area of ??the side air vents. FRONT SPOILER The front spoiler at the height of the chin guard minimizes wind resistance and turbulence for greater driving comfort. ERGONOMIC neckroll The new ergonomic neck roll, more flattened shape, minimizes air resistance and turbulence, ensuring greater comfort especially at high speeds, reducing noise and buffeting the effect. ONE IN A DENSITY POLYSTYRENE CAP 'WASTE Arai's unique technology allows to produce a shock absorbing inner shell with multiple different densities in a single element, instead of assembling elements of different densities obtain the final inner shell. PENETRATION TEST PASSED Although not required by current European legislation, Arai tests their helmets with a further verification of security penetration testing subjects the impact of a helmet 3kg metal cone from a height of 3 meters. Demist LOCK The visor allows perfect closure or partial opening of the visor for added ventilation.

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