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product informations Quantum Dna White Helmet

That between Arai and Aldo Drudi union has always been a winner, combining the rationality of technological extraction of creative genius, opposite aspects that complement each giving rise to a number of years both for safety helmets for design. A "couple of success" celebrated with a stylish graphic that plays on the colors black and white, on which Aldo has printed on two sides of the imprint of his thumb, reproducing the logo that marks the signing Drudi Performace to engrave their DNA on the helmet. Thus was born the new Quantum DNA White, helmet design dedicated to the world of sport-touring, ready to conquer all the bikers who, like Arai and Aldo, like leave a mark! The number of motorcycle sport-touring is growing faster and Arai, to meet the needs of this increasingly large segment of the Centaurs, has decided to make a helmet that presents itself as the best sport-touring model currently on the market. To achieve this goal, Arai associated knowledge acquired over the years, thanks to the continued commitment to building the best helmets touring, and unique features of comfort so popular in the "old" model Quantum, something that only Arai can boast: the know-how and experience of their MotoGP riders, which is crucial in developing the already "legendary" Top of the range model race RX-7 GP. The result is the new model Arai Quantum helmet sport-touring can ensure comfort and technical sophistication equal to anyone else, ready for long days of touring as a fast race track, the only variable is you: change your but your driving style remains a choice, one helmet you'll always have the best of touring and the best of sportsmanship. OUTER SHELL IN SCLC As with any Arai helmet, the outer shell is extremely rigid and durable is an essential part of the helmet: the outer shell of the new Arai Quantum technology is realized with SCLC (Super Complex Laminate Construction), consisting of three layers, two of super fiber an intermediate layer with a unique, patented fiber Arai, a very hard outer shell. VISOR WIDER A characteristic directly derived from the model RX-7 GP is the peak wider than 5 mm on both sides in the opening. This leads to a much wider peripheral vision, which greatly increases the safety of motorcyclists, especially at road junctions and when overtaking and that in the case of pilots, allows you to have a broader vision of both incoming and outgoing curves, allowing so to follow a perfect line drive better and faster. The visor, you know how that model RX-7 GP, is therefore very wide and is supplied with the pins of susceptibility to anti-fog system Pinlock. REMOVABLE CHEEK "EMERGENCY RELEASE" The pillows can be removed quickly from the helmet thanks to a unique issue of emergency "Emergency Release" that in the event of an accident, allowing medical personnel to remove them with ease, pulling the orange tabs for release. The free space inside the helmet becomes greater, making it easier for removal and thus reduce the risk of further damage to the head or spine, during the rescue. Air intake CHIN IMPLEMENTED The new design of the chin guard air intake, adjustable in three different positions and fixed with screws rather than socketed, allowing fresh air to enter at the front of the helmet, while the integrated filter prevents dust or insects from entering the helmet. TAKEN front air TDF3 The new front air taken in placing TDF3 direct the cool air inside the helmet, equipped with bigger buttons, can be easily opened and closed even when wearing gloves. REAR VENTILATION SYSTEM IMPLEMENTED To ensure maximum comfort to the motorcyclist, the warm air from the helmet must be pulled out as quickly as possible. To do this, the new Quantum comes with three different air sockets: the DDL4 Duct, located at the top rear of the helmet fitted with a large button that allows adjustment in three different positions, the side air intake IQ, which helps to extract l 'hot air from the lower rear area of the helmet, and an additional air intake integrated into neckroll made of soft material to help even the comfort. AFFAIRS IN TWO-TONE DRY-COOL ® REMOVABLE, WASHABLE AND AVAILABLE ON DIFFERENT THICKNESS The new Two-Tone Dry-Cool ®, with which it made the interior of the new Quantum, ensures a greater feeling of dry and fresh in contact with the skin, helping to disperse moisture and sweat. Its color, dark as that of the RX-7 GP, ensures a fashionable look wear preserves more superficial. As with any Arai helmet, even for the Quantum model the interior is removable and washable, but can also be substituted with others of different thickness, more or less, which allow you to further customize the fit of the helmet. EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE FIT A very comfortable fit is important in any helmet, but it becomes an essential element for a helmet touring, for which excellent comfort for 24 hours a day is a real "must": the new Quantum provides the highest levels of comfort even after several hours use. SPOILER STAIR The special place retractable spoiler at the chin guard, especially at high speeds helps the aerodynamics and comfort. Inner shell with density 'DIFFERENTIAL The inner shell, made of EPS, is created by combining 3 to 5 (for sizes XL and XXL) different densities in a single element, unlike many other manufacturers conducted by simply assembling separate components of different densities. PENETRATION TEST PASSED Although not required by current European legislation, Arai tests their helmets with a further verification of security: penetration testing subjects the helmet impact of a metal cone to 3kg, from a height of 3 meters. SYSTEM-fog Pinlock ® Pinlock ® anti-fog visors come standard within the packaging of the helmet and must be fixed pins on the visor. SEAL RUBBER BACK IN A SINGLE PIECE The new rear rubber seal made in one piece finishes the bottom of the helmet covering the joints and thus securing the helmet design is more fluid and especially aerodynamics. HYPER RIDGE The stiffening ribs "Hyper Ridge" located at the base of the helmet further increase the rigidity of the outer shell to ensure maximum safety even in the area of the side air vents. Nose-guard The integrated nose-guard, the same model RX-7 GP, prevents fogging of the visor due to breathing turning down the hot air coming from the nose and mouth and at the same time. guiding the cool air coming from the air intake to the mouth and chin guard the inside of the visor. BROW VENTS Air vents positioned on the peak provide more ventilation directing the air towards the temples and the top of the helmet, without weakening the front area of the outer shell. LRS Lever Release System. The visor is quick-release lever through a practice without the aid of any tool: this system makes it very simple cleansing of the visor as well as his replacement, allowing for example to quickly dismantle the visor dark to get back that clear at sunset After a wonderful day of touring. DEMIST LOCK The firm visor allows perfect closing of the visor or in the position of partial opening, allows for more ventilation, thereby helping to reduce fogging of the visor.

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