Helmets REBEL FROST White Arai

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product informations Helmets REBEL FROST White

The new standard in comfort for the sport -touring . There is a strong tendency towards simplicity within the community of bikers , without giving up anything to the style or performance. This has created a new market segment . The new " Rebel " brand Arai helmet is the perfect companion for this new segment . On the basis of measurement and the comfort of the much-vaunted Quantum , the Rebel adds a chin aggressive style of this new concept . Since these bikes offer a more upright riding position and almost no protection from the wind , the chin of the Rebel is designed to guide the wind around his neck and to improve the aerodynamic properties of the helmet. The large air intakes for ventilation underline style " rough and tough" this extraordinary helmet. The chin looks not only great but also provides added comfort for the ' increase of space inside . Another step forward in technology Arai FCS , short for " Facial Contour System" . The pillows offer an integrated FCS " spring." This makes wearing the helmet more easily with less effort. With FCS , the pillow wraps under the jaw and cheekbones instead of the soft cheek area . Although the extent you feel loser, FCS actually offers a secure hold on a larger surface area provides stability and superior comfort with minimal pressure .

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