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Chaser - V Philip ReadHelmet Arai Chaser - V Frost Black Helmet Arai Chaser V Flag Usa Helmet Arai Chaser - V pearl Black Helmet Arai Chaser V Page Helmet Arai Chaser V Page Red Helmet Arai Chaser V Flag Italy Helmet Arai Chaser V Blast Helmet Arai Chaser V Blast Red Helmet Arai
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product informations Chaser - V pearl Black Helmet

EXTENDED OPENING OF THE HOOD The opening of the visor, wider on both sides, allows for a much wider peripheral vision that greatly increases the safety of motorcyclists, especially at junctions and when overtaking, while ensuring greater driving comfort. SAI VISOR The visor, SAI like the RX-7 GP and Quantum, is extremely wide and is supplied with the pins to the system of preparing anti-fog Pinlock. NEW FRONT AIR INTAKE DUCT IN PLACING ERGO The new front air intake provides a perfect entry of fresh air at the top of the helmet and, when closed, it greatly increases the aerodynamic properties further improving comfort and reducing the perceived noise from the motorcycle, its new design also helps prevent the entry of water into the helmet during storms. The large control lever to open and close the air intake easily even when wearing gloves. AIR DUCT REAR GRIP ERGO MINING IN EXTENDED The extended rear air intake ventilation improved significantly since it allows to extract hot air and moisture from inside the helmet with a speed of more than 50%. Its large control lever to open and close the air intake just even with gloves. Side air vents EXPAND The extended lateral air intakes allow more efficient extraction of hot air and moisture from the lower part of the helmet. OUTER SHELL FULLY Reshaped SFL The outer shell is completely redesigned, is made of construction technology SFL (Super Fiber Laminate) for maximum durability and comfort. AIR POWER ADJUSTABLE CHIN The chin guard air intake regulates the placing and direction of air through three open positions, which allow you to prevent fogging of the visor at the same time directing cool air to the rider. Neckroll INTEGRATED WITH AIR INTAKES The air intakes integrated into the neck roll further improve the ventilation of the helmet. NEW PILLOWS AND removable and washable lining The pillows and the interior is removable in seconds, washable and available in different thicknesses as an option, to allow better adaptation to the morphology of the face. The form of the interior has been improved to follow in a more accurate shape of the face of the rider, avoiding the occurrence of uncomfortable pressure points and offering a fascinating but extremely comfortable fit. The buttons that allow you to fix the interior up to the crown were repositioned in the lateral and no longer at the front to further improve the wearing comfort of the helmet. Stiffening ribs To further increase the stiffness of the shell, the helmet is equipped with stiffening ribs at the base, to ensure maximum safety even in the area of ??the side air vents. ONE IN A DENSITY POLYSTYRENE CAP 'WASTE Arai's unique technology allows to produce a shock absorbing inner shell with multiple different densities in a single element, instead of assembling elements of different densities obtain the final inner shell. PENETRATION TEST PASSED Although not required by current European legislation, Arai tests their helmets with a further verification of security penetration testing subjects the impact of a helmet 3kg metal cone from a height of 3 meters. ARRANGEMENT WITH VISOR Pinlock ® Standard with the helmet visor with a predisposition to anti-fog Pinlock ®: effectively prevents fogging and condensation of moisture on the visor. BROW VENT The air intakes positioned on the peak provide greater ventilation at the top of the helmet, and avoid undermining the frontal area of ??the outer shell. LRS Lever Release System. The visor is quick release lever through a practice without the aid of any tools. Demist LOCK The visor allows perfect closure or partial opening of the visor for added ventilation. EXTERNAL MEDIA recessed into the shell For a more aerodynamic and quiet ride. SBB The system FFS (Free Flow System) combines a new profile and a neck roll pillows and larger adjustable spoiler that reduce turbulence and noise due to infiltration of air into the helmet, promoting the proper flow and increasing the extraction Hot from the helmet.

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