Axcess II White Helmet Arai

Brand: Arai
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Gender: unisex
Department: strada, racing
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product informations Axcess II White Helmet

Do not call it 'entry level'! The Axces II has evolved a helmet, plus exclusive with all quality, safety and comfort of Arai. A contestant who offers the "difference" to a very competitive price. Continuous development is in the DNA of Arai. The new Axces II, the successor of the already popular Axces, is a perfect example of this philosophy. For this model the outer shell was built a completely new Super Fiber (SFC), tested with a large opening to the visor SAI and a ventilation system even more effective, in addition to the comfortable interior lining in gray, synonymous Arai excellent fit. NEW OUTER SHELL SFC For Axces II, was designed a completely new outer shell in Super Fiber (SFC). Extremely strong and light, following the proven design philosophy Arai laying down a rigid outer shell and a soft interior for maximum protection. The patented Super Fiber Arai is one of the best glass fibers as resistance, originally developed for defense and space technology for the military. Its specific gravity is 2.4 and is stronger than 40% for extension and tensile strength than ordinary fiberglass. INSIDE COVER IN A SINGLE ELEMENT DENSITY A 'WASTE Arai's unique technology has allowed us to create a shock absorbing inner shell with three different densities in a single element, rather than requiring the assembly of separate elements of different densities. SUPER VISOR SYSTEM WITH EXTENDED Adsis "I" The visor of new generation (SAI Super Adsis "l"), tested on the track, offers a view of 5 mm extra on each side: an expanded field of view for increased safety and driving comfort. The revolutionary patented by Arai, the visor can be removed and replaced in seconds without the use of any instrument. POWER AIR DUCT REAR IMR For ventilation dell'Axces II was designed a completely new rear air extractor. Increases the extraction of hot air and moisture from inside the helmet, while reducing the perceived noise from the motorcycle, because you can very quickly to expel the air that circulates inside the helmet, which otherwise cause noise. Its large lever to open and close the air intake, even while wearing gloves. AC AIR INTAKE DUCT FRONT The new front air intake ensures the flow of fresh air to the top of the head. AIR POWER ADJUSTABLE CHIN The air intake Chin guard can direct the flow of three different positions for Demister visor and provide fresh air to the rider. COMFORTABLE FIT The lining fixed dell'Axces II is characterized by a fabric gray sweat hypoallergenic high quality for a comfortable fit and soft. PILLOWS AND REMOVABLE WASHABLE The removable and washable cheek pads are optionally available in different thicknesses and allow better adaptation to the morphology of the face. HYPER RIDGE The stiffening ribs "Hyper Ridge" at the base of the helmet to further strengthen, and stiffen the outer shell. PREPARATION Pinlock ® Axces the visor II comes standard with a predisposition to anti-fog Pinlock ®: effectively prevents fogging and condensation of moisture on the visor. STRAP CLOSING SYSTEM WITH DOUBLE "D" The strap is resistant to friction and tear, and the ring is equipped with double "D" patented Arai, a locking mechanism has long been recognized as the best and most effective, able to ensure a secure closure and comfortable. The strap is also provided with a small red button with which to secure the ends and prevent them fluttering in speed as well. PENETRATION TEST PASSED Although not required by current European legislation, Arai tests their helmets with a further verification of security penetration testing subjects the impact of a helmet 3kg metal cone from a height of 3 meters. BROW VENT The air intakes positioned on the peak provide greater ventilation at the top of the helmet, and avoid undermining the frontal area of ??the outer shell. LRS Lever Release System. The visor is quick release lever through a practice without the aid of any tools. Demist LOCK The visor allows perfect closure or partial opening of the visor for added ventilation. EXTERNAL MEDIA recessed into the shell For a more aerodynamic and quiet ride.

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