TECH 10 MOTOCROSS / OFF-ROAD black Alpinestars

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product informations TECH 10 MOTOCROSS / OFF-ROAD black

Tech 10 Motocross / Off-road black

The boot Alpinestars Tech 10 is the top of the range and has been updated with innovations such as a locking system hooks lightweight and durable, and anatomic ankle protectors to improve performance. A media panel with advanced rubber protection improves contact with the bike, while a developed structure fosters the feeling in touch with change and rear brake. The Tech 10 is comfortable, follow the sample in all its race performance.

  • boot structure studied anatomy and forefoot area fingers lowered to improve shifting and the feeling with the rear brake.
  • Lightweight Upper combining grain leather with sophisticated micro fiber and a protective shell TPU resistant to abrasion.
  • tibial plate and medial Alpinestars protections TPU made from one piece for better stability and structural integrity.
  • The anatomical tibial plate has a double locking system with key microfiber and Velcro closure for precise and very light and micro-adjustable hook.
  • shin protection with a system TPU fins designed to prevent frontal hyperextensions and provide better control of pushups.
  • Innovative Ergonomic design for medial and lateral flex zones to better support the front and rear areas and contribute to the prevention of harmful torsional forces in the ankle area.
  • made of single piece medial panel with specially formulated polymers for better stability and structural integrity, which includes rubber inserts for maximum grip in contact with the bike and a higher abrasion resistance.
  • anatomical Protectors TPU heel to provide impact resistance with the innovative lamellar Alpinestars system on the rear shock hard polymers to protect the heel. Rear protection against hyperextension.
  • Protection Innovative One-piece injected integrating a steel plate, a reinforced toe area and a stiff big toe protector co-injected.
  • The structure is very resistant to abrasion and impact, improving the overall durability of the boot and its profile.
  • New outsole integrated seamlessly into the basic structure multidensity with support included. The outsole offers durability, grip on the footrests and superior feeling.
  • The central slab is easily replaceable. Alpinestars offers a complete service of soling and the boot repair. Innovative closing system of the hooks with aluminum jumpers high strength, registers with memory and quick to release a self-aligning system for an easy and precise closure and better driving performance. The hooks of the straps are made of TPU to improve the frontal flexibility. All hooks are replaceable.
  • microfiber inserts extended to prevent the infiltration of water and dirt.
  • The interior in politessuto with 3D open cell foam is provided with non-slip in the heel area to keep the foot in the correct position in the boot.
  • The Tech 10 boot is CE certified.
  • The innovative internal biomechanical reinforcement is equipped with a C in the medial and lateral areas of torsion bars to control the rotation of the leg and ankle while maintaining freedom of movement. Spare parts to fit wider included in the package. These torsion bars dual link allow the pilot a natural ankle movement with a progressive damping of torsional forces in case of fall.
  • protective padding on the ankle and heel TPU, ultra-thin flexible forefoot area for better feel and control. New removable anatomical insole bimescola EVA to improve comfort and support, to guarantee a just distribution of weights.
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