Protection Airbag Tech-Air Race Vest Alpinestars

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Department: racing
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product informations Protection Airbag Tech-Air Race Vest

It is part of the new collection airbag Alpinestars Tech Air Race-Vest which is dedicated to the use racing.

Features airbag Alpinestars Tech Air Race Vest-black-yellow fluo:

  • Unlike mechanical airbags - those with cable connected to the bike, for instance - this is part of Alpinestars those of last generation totally managed by an electronic control unit and various sensors, without requiring one present on the bike: which means you can use it by whatever means you have
  • Alpinestars he made two versions: TechAir Race System for use strictly for track racing; TechAir Street System to be employed instead of the road
  • Technically, the two products are virtually identical, and to vary is the softwareche manages them for simple reasons and difficult to implement to ensure maximum safety: if the track of accident situations are more predictable (summarized in the High side, closing front end), on the road the variables - asphalt, traffic, distraction, types of falls and more are manifold, which requires a ' "intelligence" different, more complex and able to understand if you are having a real situation dangerous or not
  • This does not mean you should necessarily buy two things TechAir: to overcome this dichotomy, in fact, you can connect your computer to TechAir and, depending on usage, download the software that you need, so as to to turn on the track with the "" from the circuit program, and then reset it to the road once you return home, motorcycle course
  • The TechAir, which is to protect the shoulder area, chest, hips and back, should be used in synergy with the dedicated line of clothing (suits and jackets) which have appropriate arrangements for connection to the head sensors < / li>
  • Once worn and closed the jacket or suit, the system starts putting in stand-by mode - controllable via LEDs on the arm - then activates once in motion (for TechAir Race System) or in parking situations such as at traffic lights or other (TechAir Street System), typical road use.