D-Air Motorcycle Airbag

D-Air Airbag for motorcycle

When technology and research work together for safety, innovative products are created, such as Dainese D-Air airbags for sale online on Motorama and on offer at a special price, gear that unites a high protection inflating system with the classic jackets or motorcycle suits.

Manufactured by an Italian company established in 1972 in Molvena, in the province of Vicenza, Dainese D-Air airbags are an evolution of motorcycle leather suits with protections and anti-abrasion material, completed with a series of technological solutions, result of advanced research and consultancy with professional riders.

Dainese D-Air are able to combine a sporty and trendy style with the maximum safety for the body and is certainly the Number One product in a classification of the best motorcycle protections now available in the market.

The Dainese catalog besides a range of high level suits designed for racing, also offers other products featuring the D-Air Airbag technology, in order to guarantee a total safety even for urban riders.

Futuristic high level equipment

This is the case of the motorcycle Gore-Tex jackets, manufactured with breathable synthetic fabric and featuring the Dainese airbag technology, which are able to protect against wind and other atmospheric agents and to be adapted to different seasons. The protecting system can be removed to enable a simple washing machine cleaning.

The D-Air Airbag for motorcycle make available for all professionals and enthusiasts a series of products with futuristic functionalities, with a LED built-in interface, intelligent systems of lights automatically managed by a sophisticated algorithm which is able to activate them in case of emergency.

Kangaroo leather ensures a unique softness and resistance and these garments feature a protection air cushion for neck, shoulders, collarbone and rib cage.

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