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product informations Numo Helmet

NUMO is the new opening in the top range AGV collection. Intended for use both as a national tour, has a wealth of standard features making it one of the reference models in the segment for comfort, size, safety and functionality.NUMO then the helmet is ideal for those looking for aesthetics and safety and convenience of full opening, in a combination that can also boast innovations and production techniques leading Italian.DESIGNThe design of NUMO takes largely of the latest innovations of AGV, as HORIZON and SKYLINE.In the closed position, the perception is that of a full-face helmet, thanks to the chin guard tapered and perfectly integrated in the line of the shell. A chin guard open, the helmet is extremely compact, with the distance cap / chin guard lower than the category, which helps to minimize the effect sail during use with chin guard open.The lines are typical of the GT helmets AGV, with the ducts of the IVS system is not too pronounced, the chin and slim and sleek lines lateral tapered.Small but important details that further enrich the model mechanisms such as buttons and co-molded rubber and plastic parts painted to match the cap.SHELLThe cap has NUMO made of thermoplastic resin HIR-TH (High Resistant Thermoplastic Resin) and is available in sizes XS to XL.VENTILATIONThe ventilation system integrated IVS is composed of channels hollowed directly in the shell, which provide a more efficient airflow inside the helmet and improved aerodynamic performance. The air vents present on the forehead and chin rest provide a constant flow of fresh air into the helmet.The extraction of the hot and humid inside the helmet is secured from funnels in the foam and breathable fabric on the side of the neck roll.VISORThe new GT visor NUMO 2, developed specifically for this model, is curved, with series of anti-scratch and anti-fog and protects 100% of UV rays. E 'approved in optical class 1, to guarantee the complete absence of visual distortions. The NUMO is also equipped with a visor inner solar tinted scratch-resistant and antifog easily operated from the outside and disassembled without the use of tools for cleaning and replacement.INTERIORIn the interior, and then to the comfort of the model, has been given great attention.The headset, Lycra micro breathable with hygienic treatment, has a concave three-dimensional structure, preformed in one piece according to the morphological characteristics of the head. The absence of seams in sensitive areas with different densities and sponges provide an extremely high level of comfort. There is also the possibility of customizing the fit of the cuff on 4 points of support due to inserts in different hardness.All of these technical solutions concerning the headset is covered by patent triple. The pillows, in-Dry comfort with hygienic treatment, sponges have different densities with 3D structure and integrated neck roll for comfort and sound isolation. The facing of large size provides excellent insulation from drafts and noises coming from below.The interior is fully removable and washable, as well as nose-and vestment.FUNCTION '/ SAFETYThe new base movement, with XQRS system for a rapid replacement of the visor, allows the customization of the opening and closing of the visor through mechanisms toothed easily replaceable and interchangeable.The mechanisms available are 3 and have different teeth in number and thickness depending on the type of use (Touring, Race, and City). Release the chin guard is made through a single button that must be pulled down, in the opposite direction, therefore, to that of the opening of the chin guard. This prevents accidental opening due to impact.The chin has rotation with opening system that takes her to the open position. To ensure maximum safety, the hooks and pins closing chin guard are steel. The NUMO is approved P / J, which means it has passed the homologation tests and with chin guard closed (as a whole) than with open chin (like Jet), and can therefore be used in both configurations in full compliance with the regulations.To avoid the accidental closure, the chin guard has a locking system in the open position. Upon opening the chin guard is connected call mechanism of the door visor in the closed position.The buttons for actuating the visor and ventilations are made with the co-molding rubber. For added security, there are reflective material inserts on the neck roll. The NUMO is also arranged to receive AGVoice II, the AGV system Bluetooth communication which allows the driver to communicate via helmet with the passenger (equipped with a helmet with the same communication system), as well as with its own mobile phone and with other devices with Bluetooth (eg Navigation). The retention system has the closure Microlock with theft ring.SPECIFICATIONS:Outer shell of thermoplastic resin HIR-TH (high resistant thermoplastic Resin)Ventilation IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with channels hollowed directly in the shell for airflowmore effective inside the helmet and improved aerodynamic performance3 front air intakes, a rear diffuser integrated into the nape and 2 side flapsInserts made of soft touch levers made of air and drive levers visor and chin pieceNew XQRS system visor mechanism with (X-tra Quick Release System) for removal and replacement of the visorwithout tools in seconds. Visor opening system customizable by changing the gear teeth(3 different models available). Double visor mechanism covered by patentNew visor GT 2-in optical class 1 polycarbonate anti-fog and scratch resistant with 100% protection from UV raysSun blind ISV scratch and anti fog, removable and replaceable without the use of toolsRemovable breath deflectorProtection under the throat windproof removable largeInterior is completely removable and washableLycra micro cuff and pillows Dry-breathable comfort with hygienic treatmentHeadset with concave three-dimensional structure, preformed in one piece according to the morphological characteristics ofhead, with no seams in sensitive areas, with sponges of different densities. 3D cheek pads with sponges of different densitiesintegrated neck roll for comfort and sound isolationAbility to customize the fit of the headset on 4 points of support through inserts in different hardness.Interior covered with triple-patentReflective inserts on the neck guard and facing for better visibility at night and in low lightRetention System with strap closure micro-metricAnti-theft ring on the strapDouble Homologation P / JReady for Bluetooth wireless communication systemWeight: 1,780 g. + / - 50 g.

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