Stiefel Vr6.2 Spidi

Marke: Spidi
Geschlecht: unisex
Abteilung: racing, strada
Code: S58011
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Stiefel Vr6.2 Spidi Stiefel Vr 6 schwarz weiß rot Spidi Stiefel Vr6.2 Spidi
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Produktinformationen Stiefel Vr6.2

Vr 6.2 Xpd confrot thanks to its protections and guarantees a perfect compromise between a sports boot and a boot touring. It has a high resistance thanks to its microfiber material outside.

• polyurethane sliders

• ventilated air tech plantar

• suede abrasion and temperature on the inner side

• large areas of SLR

• vulcanized rubber sole and engraved to facilitate the action of the foot

• toe slider door and Shifter • CE certification

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