Jeans Florida Dark Promojeans - PMJ

Kategorie: Hosen Jeans
Geschlecht: frau
Abteilung: scooter, casual, strada
€ 187,20
Listenpreis: € 208,00
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Produktinformationen Jeans Florida Dark

Trousers Jeans Promo Florida dark woman with tight fit and appearance typical of a trendy jeans and more guards.

Features Trouser Jeans Promo Florida dark woman:

  • Denim stretch cotton high thickness 12.5 oz
  • Reinforcement fabric 100% Twaron ballistic lined internally
  • Details pink for a feminine touch
  • Trousers Jeans Promo Florida dark woman with knee pads CE approved 1621-1, adjustable and removable from the outside
  • Preparation padding "Zero-Shock" on the sides, removable
  • horizontal loop for easily attaching the jacket
  • Tested in accordance with EN 13595-2 - EN13595-4