Helm N 103 Classic N-com Nolan

Marke: Nolan
Geschlecht: unisex
Abteilung: scooter, strada
Code: N13000027010
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Größe: XXS

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Produktinformationen Helm N 103 Classic N-com

The Nolan N103 is the result of the experience gained with the N100, N101 and n102, undisputed leaders in the market of flip-up full face helmets. In terms of functionality and design, the Nolan 103 benefits from the knowledge acquired through the development and fine tuning of the three previous models. It is also the expression of the special attention Nolan pays to the ongoing functional and aesthetic improvement of its products, which has led to the creation of an even more elegant and aggressive helmet with a high standard of quality: - Shell with a streamlined and modern design; - New rubber trim, placed between chin guard and shell, which helps to reduce potential wind noise, thus increasing the comfort of the rider; - The most up-to-date "Clima Comfort" padding, removable and washable; - Also featuring effective air ducts in the inner shell ensuring constant air recirculation inside the helmet. Superior rider comfort in all conditions, thanks to the new air intakes and rear extractor; - Innovative cheek pad configuration, even more comfortable thanks to the new EPS support; - Innovative front and top ventilation system and new rear air extraction system: ensuring excellent internal comfort. - New visor with innovative quick release button mechanism, making assembly and disassembly operations even quicker; - New internal sunscreen easily operated from the outside: it can be disassembled for cleaning or replacing; The Nolan N103 is characterized by the new DUAL ACTION opening system. Positioned in the centre of the chin guard, it can be opened with just one hand. The opening system was designed to ensure ultimate practicality. The Dual Action mechanism prevents the chin guard from opening accidentally, thus granting maximum safety. With its new streamlined design, the chin guard offers more space in front of the riders face. CHIN GUARD OPENING SYSTEM AND VISOR MECHANISM The Nolan N103 comes equipped with an innovative chin guard opening system that combines three different functions: A. Chin guard rotation with elliptical trajectory, which minimizes the frontal area, in the open position, and prevents accidental closing; B. Automatic visor return when opening the chin guard; C. Visor mechanism: three open positions.

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