166fz Staffe Portavaligia Vfr 800 Vtec 02/08 Givi

Marke: Givi
Geschlecht: nd
Abteilung: strada
Code: 166FZ
€ 77,60
Listenpreis: € 97,00
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Produktinformationen 166fz Staffe Portavaligia Vfr 800 Vtec 02/08

Picture 1: new version, with reinforcement kit Picture 2: old version, without reinforcement kit Following careful analysis after having been advised by some customers, we have found out that the oval side arms of the specific GIVI Monorack for HONDA VFR 800 VTEC - under extreme conditions - may be subject to structural issues. To ensure customer satisfaction, we have developed and produced a reinforcement kit that will be included - from now on - in all new 166FZ Monoracks (picture 1). To those customers who have already purchased the Monorack (old version, picture 2), we recommend that they get in touch with their dealer / importer who will supply them the kit free of charge (kit code 166FZ KIT) or to send an order request by e-mail: