Replik Marmitta Parigi-dakar Per Xtz 750 Super Tenerè Arrow

Marke: Arrow
Geschlecht: nd
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Produktinformationen Replik Marmitta Parigi-dakar Per Xtz 750 Super Tenerè

Cornerstone of the Arrow production for off-road motorcycles, the Paris Dakar Replica after years of commercial success are still at the top rating of enduro and rally enthusiasts. They combine outstanding reliability in fact totally determined by the traditional stainless steel construction and assembly done in the template using manual TIG and MIG welding. The muffler body has a cylindrical section with fixed with screws to facilitate removal and replacement of the sound-absorbing material of high quality. In the final part is a cartridge that is easily removable for additional silencing reduces noise levels even further. Noteworthy are the increased performance at low and medium engine speeds, even with a significant improvement in power and weight savings over the original.