Protezione Mx Air Kidney Belt Alpinestars

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Abteilung: cross, strada
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Produktinformationen Protezione Mx Air Kidney Belt

Alpinestars MX Air Kidney Belt Description - A breathable, lightweight Motocross kidney belt featuring a trail-blazing fully vented Bio-frame support system. Features: •Ergonomically designed for maximum stability of the torso and lower back. •Industry first fully vented rear Bio-frame support system with molded anti rise TPR trims to keep the belt comfortable in place. •Thin jersey mesh is sewn into the main Bio-frame for unmatched breathability and moisture wicking. •Dual strap waist belt system utilizes an extra strength hook and loop fastening system to evenly distribute support on the lower back and is adjustable for a precise fit. •Front flaps have a membrane in between the layers to prevent wind exposure. Sizes: One size