Helm Ti-tech Evolutio Rose Agv

Marke: Agv
Geschlecht: unisex
Abteilung: strada
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Produktinformationen Helm Ti-tech Evolutio Rose

The very same helmet worn by the top class racer in the world Valentino Rossi: simply everything you could want from a sportive helmet! CHARACTERISTICSShell SSL (Super-Super-Light) Karbon-Kevlar construction. Number of shells 2 shell sizesVentilation System IVS (Integrated Ventilation System) with pure titanium air intakes (Titanium Technology) and channels hollowed directly in the shellFabrics Cool Max with hygienic treatmentInside padding Fully removable and washable (including neckroll)Neckroll Perspirant neckrollVisor Clear, flat, anti-scratch and anti-fog polycarbonate Race visor with tear-off systemRetention System Double DShield Mechanism XQRS (Extra Quick Release System): shield replacement without tools in few seconds
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