Rally Brush Acerbis

Marke: Acerbis
Geschlecht: nd
Abteilung: cross, enduro
Code: 0000528.090
€ 45,95
Listenpreis: € 49,95
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Produktinformationen Rally Brush

The original nylon wrap-around handguard often imitated but NEVER equaled! Rally Brush guards are injection molded out of a strong nylon composite. This material is better suited for the weight concerned rider, where a half a pound savings over aluminum is achieved. Top coverage and impact resistance Indexed steel bar-end insert mounts solid and will not allow guard to rotate in a crash Inner ribs for increased reinforcement Mounts to the handlebar by cutting off end of each grip and the throttle tube to install bar inserts Comes equipped with mounting kit to fit 7/8 steel and 7/8 aluminum handlebars Optional spoilers and mounting kits for oversized handlebars are sold separately This handguard can fit ATV’s ONLY IF a motocross style handlebar is used. IMPORTANT: THE HANDGUARD HAVE THE KIT FOR HANDLEBARS OF 22 MM