Cyclope Acerbis

Marke: Acerbis
Geschlecht: nd
Code: 0003002.090
€ 101,63
Listenpreis: € 127,04
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Produktinformationen Cyclope

The first approved headlight for all on and off-road bikes. It can be used on non-fairing bikes to street fighters. Exclusive customized design: nylon surround, polypropylene numberplate, polycarbonate reflector, cast aluminium headlight body and tempered glass lens. DOT, ECE and SAE approved Adjustable angle Universal fitting with anti-vibration rubber strips Removable number plate; available in a wide variety of colors Protective, transparent polycarbonate lens cover supplied for off-road use Heat resistant plastic headlight support Wiring accessories provided Low beam fitted with 55 W halogen bulb, low beam/side light fitted with 55 W halogen bulb and 5W incandescent bulb