Protezione Air Cage Pro Axo

Marca: Axo
Genere: uomo
Reparto: bici
Codice: MX7A0046KB
€ 160,65
prezzo di listino: € 189,00
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Informazioni sul prodotto Protezione Air Cage Pro

Axo Features -Now constructed with sublimated Coolmax fabric in order to enhance performances while providing aeration -Unique sublimated design gives the Air Cage a whole new look -Floating and rotating plates bend and follow the natural movements of the back -Back and lower arm sections can be removed if needed -Open hole foam padding over shoulders, upper back, around biceps and surrounding the rib and hip areas -Molded shoulder, elbow and forearm armor slide on hard surfaces to displace the energy of an impact -Built in kidney belt offers support while the center chest zipper eases putting the AIR CAGE on -Over shoulder, across shoulder cups and around the forearm are adjustment for a secure nonrestrictive fit

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